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Creativity is a mindset.

Sometimes it helps to bring a divers group of people and provide them with the right environment to help unleash their creativity.


Ideas are easy to generate. Understanding and articulating the core problem we are trying to solve is harder.

Design processes and methodology can provide teams a fruitful environment in which they can hypothesize test and refine their ideas.


Process and structure are important for innovation. Frameworks can help align, prioritize, test and iterate but it's also important to remember that sometimes it's OK to brake the rules!


Leadership requires humility, especially as a designer.

Ability to accept feedback and admit mistakes.

I believe that a leader's role is to mentor, guide and help each team members see how the company's story can enhance their own story.


When part of an agile team, designers need to find ways to balance the push to move on, finish the sprint with making sure that the user's needs are also attended.


I see my design skills as muscles that need to be kept in shape.

My way of keeping in "design shape" is to be hands-on as much as I can. 


I love working on complex problems that require an understanding of various systems. Sometimes these systems are integrated but often they are not. Design research can help uncover the connectors that can simplify users tasks.


Business applications should strive to provide the same delightful experience as consumer applications.



Some things to consider when designing dApps:

  • Trust

  • Regulation

  • User's familiarity with the technology

  • Early Stages

  • Mental Models

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