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How might we leverage blockchain technology to create a new currency that is pinned to a responsible asset, easy to use, stable and can be easily transferred and traded across borders? 

Design Challenges

  • New Technology - blockchain is a relatively new technology and it is constantly evolving. Many of the people who are involved in developing blockchain platforms and applications bring with them deep ideology and a set of beliefs that they try to adhere to. Design decisions should be made with an understanding of the blockchain technology, the principles it's built on, and how it is perceived by various users. 

  • Heavily regulated industry - building a financial application normally requires adherence to heavy regulations. Building a financial application on the blockchain, even more so. In practicality, this translated into complex requirements and complex task flows. Our role as designers is to simplify the user experience while still adhering to business, technology, and regulatory requirements.

  • Uncharted territory - as pioneers, it is important to embrace the ambiguity that comes with building something completely new. Often, we are required to make educated assumptions that later on, would need to be tested and validated.


  • Close collaboration with business and engineering to make sure that the design team is included in the discussions at the early stages and that decisions are made keeping the end user in mind.

  • Competitive analysis of applications that are solving similar problems as well as financial applications that employ similar functionalities but not necessarily on the blockchain.

  • Frequent validation of information architecture, navigation, task flows and content to make sure that all team is aligned.

  • Building the application with flexibility and scalability in mind.

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