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How might we provide professors and students of Tech De Monterrey university a portal that will enhance efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and communication?


We worked closely with the main stakeholders of the university, to conduct the user research, identify the problems we were going to try and solve and ideate on solutions.

The research included interviewing over 30 students and professors across 5 campuses in Mexico in order to gain a deeper understanding of their daily tasks, routines, systems they are using, main challenges needs and pain points.

We also conducted several design thinking workshops to identify problems, define the personas and based on research finding ideate on solutions.

Aha Moments

Through our research, discussions with the university's CTO and internal experts we proposed a solution that will be layered on an existing university cloud database and that would allow real-time access to information by all stakeholders involved. This would allow teachers and students to have quick access to important relevant information as well as to each other.


We provided the university with a road map to a solution that will answer the urgent needs of students and professors. This was part of a bigger effort by the account executives and other SAP business units stakeholders, to secure implementation of the latest SAP solutions.

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